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Vintage Goth Series

This is a sewing vlog of Simplicity 8510:  A 1930’s Brassiere and Panties.  It was a wild ride, and a lot of fun.  

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Creating an 
18th Century Pocket 

Ever lament the lack of pockets in modern women’s clothing?  It’s a constant struggle.  I took some time to create a pocket that ties on like a belt, and I have to tell you… it’s SO gratifying to be able to wear a skirt and have a place for my phone and car keys!

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Mini Pattern Review

The Moth Cape 
A project that almost broke me…

This was a fun cape pattern.  Or it should have been.  Unfortunately, I am capable of overcomplicating even the simplest of projects.

This pattern consists of three pieces, cutting two of each: one of outer fabric and one of lining.  Where I complicated things was my fabric choice.  It was only 44″ wide, flannel, and a directional print.  This pattern is definitely designed to 60″ fabric with no directional print in order to complete the simple elegance the cape displays.  I ended up having to double the amount of pattern pieces needed:  I had to split the back and match the pattern to create the correct width (pattern drift is a very real and very frustrating thing), and then seam the shoulders so the moths were facing up on the front instead of upside down.  To accommodate for the pattern drift on the moth flannel, I had to HAND SEW the back in order to shift and line up the moth print.  Did it work?  Yes.  Did I nearly go blind, and faint from loss of blood due to the five thousand pins I had to use to match this pattern?  Yes.

At the end of day, I have zero regrets.  The cape turned out fabulous.  Would I make changes to it?  Yes, but that would be for personal preferences. My only complaint (and it’s small) is that there was not an A0 printing option. I spent a little while taping all the letter size pages together to get the actual pattern ready to be cut and sewn.  I prefer to send the print job to the local office store that can produce a large scale pattern and remove the need for piecing (or at least drastically reduce it). 

If you are looking for a fun weekend project, I can highly recommend this pattern.

(I am in no way affiliated with this Etsy seller.  I just really like this pattern.)

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