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It’s time for Witchfest!

We’ll be attending Austin Witchfest on March 5th!  Check out the Calendar page for event details, and stay tuned for merchandise previews!

Find Inspiration

Enjoy the best
Vintage and Handmade curated offerings

At Medusa, I take pride in seeking out unique and historically inspired items.  My collection is gathered from around the world, and contains vintage and antique items, as well as clothing, jewery and home goods created by me.

Join us in October for
CMA’s Samhain Festival 

You can find us on Merchant’s Row at CMA’s Samhain Festival October 14-16, 2021.  Located just outside of Austin, Texas, this is one of our favorite events. We hope to see you there!

For more information about CMA, please click the link below.